Vilnius Inside




Art Direction
During my first internship in 2012 I had an idea to make my home city Vilnius a client. That's how the project Vilnius Inside – a series of souvenirs to help put Vilnius on the map in a new and fresh way – was born. A unique collection of bags decorated with five illustrations of Vilnius interiors on the inside takes tourists by surprise. Look inside the sack and you will find one of five most well–known interiors in the capital of Lithuania: a post–soviet flat, a trolleybus, a kiosk, a market or the Gediminas Castle. The dynamic logo was made to be shared both on social media and as stickers around the city. The project got a lot of attention from the media, but the most satisfying outcome was tourists from all over the world spreading the word online and continuing our job to promote Vilnius.

Special Thanks to Daukante Subaciute (Illustrations inside the bags) | PRIM PRIM Design Studio